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My avatar is someone very fun and i dress it for an adventure in a desert i don't know why but she have a tiger that is with her... in the real life i like boots that the reason that she wears that boots brown boots i like the hat and the jacket and the t-shirt

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People should visit my blog because i am very creative and i will write about everything that happen in my life an publish funny posts and cool stuff...... :) specially interesting things...
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 happy birthday!!!!!
Today is my dog´s birthday she is so cute she all ready have a 
little t-shirt she looks so cute!!! love her.. she is a chihuahua  

in class our teacher make an activity of presenting some scripts to the class in groups my group is: IRINA  and ALEJANDRO this is a very nice group and our script is named ¨ Gerry  Brown´s Driving Test¨ i don´t know if we are going to get a good grade i hope so...  

                                                            Time Table Extension    
Time table extension is very good for children. They study more time they know more. When you spent more time at school you re pass the learning so they remember the information and they learn more.   

In the other hand the extension of time table will take longer time at school you will lose more time at your house and family. when you pass more time at school because the time table is longer you have less time at your house, family and house friends specially you have less time to do your homework. like in school they let you lots of homework because of the longer time table you have less time for doing your homework.

In conclusion the extension of time table is something good and bad. But my personal opinion is bad because y don´t have loots of time to do homework and spent time with your family.      
 HAPPY VALENTINE´S DAY i hope you like valentine´s day its a day were love is in the air and people use that day to tell the people that they are in love. 
As you know my name is Valentina but some people bather me telling me valentine you know like saying ¨o there it comes valentine´s day or they tell me cupid...  

yesterday in the class arrive an screecher that told us about the publicity that we can see in the street... Did you know that they are some mirrors that show publicity and when you get closer it change and transform into a normal mirror... how cool and fun.

my expiries in that class was very cool because i learnd a lot of things and the better thing is that my mum study publicity...

in school they let us a homework to write about the history of facebook, twitter or youtube that´s why you will see another blog page named facebook there you can see all the information and the history about this social red  

poems dear poems ...
in school they are making us write poems ... mm i relay doesn´t like poetry it should be voluntary !!!!  am making horrible poems i really don't like that work but i wrote 1 poem about friends but all the people at the class make of it so then i make 1 of animals but my teacher said that it was not a good them to have, so now i am making my poem about lies... because when i was little i lie a lot !!!! and now i feel horrible of                                                                        making that lies i hope that i get a good grade !!!

technology reflection
In the school they gave as a homework of study about technology and i saw that in the past they had telephones in the car and big big cellphones so the past things are very fun and cool  did you know that   in the past the kids played making smoke signals i will just did´t understand  any thing they tell me.